The CBRE Group reported that the rate of warehouse and distribution center development in the Dallas area was above the national rate in 2016. The senior vice president of CBRE’s Dallas branch noted that “within a half day’s drive, a truck can serve three of the 10 largest U.S. cities and a combined population of over 25 million people.”

These reasons are among a few that could explain the rapid growth rate of commercial real estate development in and around the Dallas area. If you’re thinking of seizing the opportunity by buying, selling, or developing a property, remember that having an attorney on your side can actually benefit both parties involved.

Reduce Uncertainty with an Attorney

Growth planning is of primary importance in a municipality’s decision to agree upon a commercial property’s use. A district has to ensure that the property fits with the general perspective of the community. There should be no significant changes or negative impacts resulting from your commercial real estate property development.

Having an attorney construct, manage, and enforce a commercial development agreement can make your deal a win-win for both parties. The Law Offices of Thomas H. Keen, PLLC can help facilitate development agreements between municipalities, whether district or state. A well-drafted development agreement can reduce uncertainty for both parties. By going over general impact, land use, and other parameters and potential pitfalls, mutual agreement can be achieved.



Commercial Real Estate Sales Are on the Rise

Real Capital Analytics ranked Dallas as the 4th top market for property sales in 2016, with total dollar volume at $19.5 billion. In SVN’s 2016 commercial real estate outlook, President & CEO Kevin Maggiacomo analyzed trends in commercial real estate across the country. Some of his most interesting findings included:

  • Real Capital Analytics reported a total of $533 billion in commercial real estate sales in 2015, a 23% increase over 2014.

  • This trend is estimated to persist throughout 2016 for three main reasons. First, global pressures will keep interest rates low and foreign money ill be kept flowing in the United States. Second, many markets experienced rising lease rates and falling occupancies in 2015, so the foundation for continued growth is strong. Third, supply is balanced with demand, so oversupply seems unlikely.

  • The 2016 market is not presenting the same risk/return profile observed before the 2007 peak of pricing and the 2008 economic turmoil. Another economic drop such as was seen in 2008 does not appear to be on the horizon.

  • The most meaningful indicator of overpricing of commercial real estate is the spread between cap rates and underlying treasury rates. Cap rates averaged around 6.5% during 2015, while the treasury rate averaged around 2%. It appears there is a spread of more than 4%, or 400 points. For reference, the spread before 2008 averaged slightly below 200 points.

Overall, Maggiacomo claimed that the market is not presenting the same risk/return profile observed before the 2007 peak pricing. Cities across the nation are experiencing booms in commercial real estate development and sales, and Dallas is ranked in the top five cities for commercial property sales.

Commercial Real Estate Attorney in North Texas

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