From the negotiations and paperwork to the final settlement involved, all the details of a corporate transaction can feel a little larger than life. And with large entities and even larger amounts of money involved, you want someone who knows the terrain to help you navigate through the process

Common Types of Corporate Transactions

When people hear the term “corporate transactions,” many of them immediately think of mergers and acquisitions. While these are important types of corporate transactions, they are a small fraction of the types of transactions that corporations have to consider. Some of the most common types include:

  • Sales of stock or assets
  • Merger agreements
  • Public tender offers
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Co-marketing/joint ventures
  • Public offerings of stock or debt
  • Private placements
  • Stock issuance
  • Corporate governance
  • Investment fund formation
  • Offering documents
  • Bank and private loan negotiation
  • Executive stock and compensation agreements
  • SEC annual and quarterly reporting
  • Compliance with NYSE and Nasdaq

If you have been involved with any of these types of corporate transaction before, you know how important it is to have an experienced commercial transaction lawyer by your side throughout the process.

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Record Highs in Mergers Worldwide

The Atlantic predicted that 2015 would be a record year for business mergers and acquisitions, with deals totaling near $4.7 trillion worldwide. This number beats out the previous record ($4.4 trillion in 2007) and is a 42% increase from 2014.

Along with more money coming in from these deals, The Atlantic noted that 2015 would also be a standout year for what some experts refer to as mega-deals, which are deals that exceed $5 billion. In 2014, there were 137 mega-deals worldwide, which accounted for more than half of the year’s total value of mergers and acquisitions.

Experts attribute these trends to a combination of factors, including, historically low-interest rates, more capital available to borrow, and corporations having a record amount of cash. Robert Salomon, an associate professor of management at the NYU Stern School of Business, also commented that mergers and acquisitions provide an organic solution to companies whose market demand is stagnant.

The Law Offices of Thomas H. Keen, PLLC has assisted a variety of clients with their corporate real estate transactions over the years. Attorney Thomas Keen has overseen and provided assistance for corporate transactions involving formation, compliance, modification, authorization, and financing. We will work closely with you and provide you with the assistance and advice you need.

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